No matter what size company, environmental responsibility is now something that cannot be ignored. UK Flyers has always been conscious of the impact industries can make on the environment and the importance of sustainability.

In recognition of this stance and through our choices of suppliers and paper stocks used, we now have a registered FSC trademark licence. We pride ourselves on being associated with the FSC and hope that all our customers share our ethos.

Our standard flyer stock (Essential Velvet) is FSC certified and we would always liaise with our FSC certified suppliers to arrange FSC certified print wherever possible for bespoke jobs.

Great design and print, does not have to cost the earth.

As well as offering flyers printed on recycled paper, you can be assured that our standard products are as environmentally friendly as possible for the following reasons:

  • All of our paper is branded so we know where it comes from.
  • Our paper supplier only uses pulp that comes from a source that is guaranteed to be sustainable.
  • “Essential Velvet” (Our usual stock for flyer printing) is fully biodegradeable and is produced from chlorine free pulp.
    We use printers that hold FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certification.
  • Inline with improvements throughout the UK print industry, all of our inks are vegetable based. They come from natural sources and do not contain chemicals harmful to the environment.
  • We use state of the art presses which are fast, accurate and very efficient. Printing is accomplished in a minimum of time. Power is not wasted as it would be with older slower, printing presses.
  • Any paper that is used by the company whether in our office or as a by product of the printing process is recycled locally to save on energy consumption.