Why a good design is just as important as good quality print

Your design can make all the difference when trying to appeal to a new audience. A good design will ensure people are interested in the message you’re portraying and will want to read more and take interest.

But what is a good design?

Benefit – A good design needs to be beneficial to the cause and result in good things. Therefore it needs to be clear, easy to read and understand.


Fit – A good design needs to be appropriate to the message you’re portraying. If you’re designing an item for a care home for example you would want to make sure the design is calming and friendly, not striking colours which might look young and trendy. You might also need to think about whether the design is fit for purpose, especially in regards to how its going to be printed or displayed.


Value – A good design will need to add value to the message being displayed. It needs to enhance the message and ensure the audience take note and want to find out more.


A poor design might mean less people will take note of the message or disregard it completely. If you’re having problems with your design, UK Flyers have a team of experienced designers who could help for as little as £20 plus vat. If you’re going to invest money in good quality print, is it not worth spending that little bit extra on a fantastic design?

Bad & Good Design